4 Benefits of art therapy

Let’s take a look at four benefits that art therapy can have on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

1. Art therapy can help physical wellbeing

Physical wellbeing is quite important as far as general health is concerned. However some people are not be able to keep physically fit because they are not emotionally in good shape.

Art therapy can help participants to address any emotional disorders that affect their lifestyle that causes them to be physically unfit or obese. Once their emotional disorders have been addressed then weight loss and physical fitness is easier to obtain.

Art therapy can also help reduce some types of pain and physical suffering which can be detrimental to physical and mental wellbeing.

2. Art therapy can trigger emotional healing and self-discovery

Artistic expression can help to communicate thoughts, emotions or feelings that often can’t be put into words.

Some people suffer from deep emotions and try to push them down, but the feelings keep resurfacing to haunt them. Research suggests that art therapy can help trigger healing in such individuals, especially when conducted by a highly trained therapist.

Experts in art therapy are able to guide a patient or affected person through a creative therapeutic expression process, This process can help them to discover aspects about themselves that they didn’t previously understand or weren’t aware of.

3. Cognitive health benefits of art therapy

Another area where therapy through artistic imagery is beneficial is when it comes to diagnosis and recovery from cognitive problems and other disorders.

It has been shown that some people who suffer from mental disorders or received brain damage from an accident or a stroke have found a way to communicate through artistic expression, especially when their disability has interfered with their speech.

By being able to communicate through art it can promoting healing and general wellbeing for people with such disabilities and physical challenges.

4. During difficult times art therapy can help

When someone is faced with difficult times such as depression, loss of a loved one, traumatic injuries, grief or transitions in life such as moving or retrenchment art therapy can be very helpful.

It can help to shift the focus off their situation or help them to process their difficulties in a way that brings them healing and relief.

Sometimes people are better at transcribing their emotions and thoughts into pictures that can have a healing effect. Many have found relief from the internal pain they feel during these periods in their life.


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Benefits Of Art On Your Kids Mind

Naturally, children tend to love art – drawing, painting and making music. However, not many adults appreciate the fact that art is quite important especially when it comes to building a child’s brain.

It has been physiologically proven that the human brain is made of two sections, the right and the left hemispheres.

The left hemisphere is responsible for all analytical processes and logical thinking. The right hemisphere on the other hand is responsible for intuition, creativity and emotional perception.

The right hemisphere is the section that is most ignored in schools, yet it is the section responsible for dealing with creative endeavours.


Research has proven that when children are allowed to solve creative challenges especially in the areas they are creatively gifted they enhance both sections as well as have active brains.


For you to enhance a child’s brain both hemispheres must be actively involved.

Since the left hemisphere is well developed in school, engaging children in arts develops the right hemisphere hence ensuring that the kids mind achieves its full potential.

Apart from physiological benefits, art has other ways it can benefit your Child.

These benefits include:

• Your child is able to develop their subsequent abilities, which are quite essential throughout their lives.

• Your chid is in a position to make sense of his or her physical, spiritual, cognitive, emotional, moral and linguistic development hence positively influencing their growth.

• Your child is positively impacted with self-esteem, emotional development, confidence, personal development, social development as well as behavioural health.

• Arts have a way of successfully breaking language barriers between kids, getting rid of societal differences, breaking cultural prejudices as well as lead to decrease in social issues.

Always ensure that your Child is in a position to access any form of art activities that interest them. If your child happens to go to a school that does not offer any form of art then you can consider enrolling them in an art class at least a few times per week.


The importance of art in child development